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General Plumbing

We offer a full plumbing services covering jobs ranging from small to large including bathrooms. Bathroom & Wet room Installation
We understand the importance of a well designed bathroom & wet room . Careful thought given to the best layout options can help ensure your bathroom is a pleasure to use from day one. Our professional installation help will provide a problem free bathroom for many years to come.
I can visit your property in Brighton & Hove, Shoreham-By-Sea, Worthing and surrounding areas and survey the room from which we can make appropriate recommendations.

Bathroom & Wet Rooms

✔ My in-house approach saves you time, money and unnecessary disruption. No hanging around, no expensive outsourcing.
✔ An honest, accurate project cost upfront.
✔ Imaginative & practical layouts, including the finishing touches such as tiles and taps that enhance the look & feel.
✔ And lots more…

What kind of bathroom or wetroom would you like? Contemporary bathroom design, a stylish and functional family bathroom, a cutting-edge wet room, opulent luxury. The choice is yours.
Tell me about your ideal bathroom or wet room and Master Plumbers will make it yours

Central Heating

We can install & service the most economical, & reliable central heating system that meets your requirements. All our work is guaranteed meaning should any problems arising as a result of a faulty installation or repair work, which fall within the guarantee period, are a priority & are be dealt with as it is convenient for you.


We have extensive experience in Powerflushing systems to get them thoroughly clean. Powerflushing is generally regarded to be the best & most efficient method of cleaning domestic central heating systems. A very effective cleansing chemical is introduced and circulated around the system. Under controlled conditions it is used to remove debris from the system. How Powerflush cleans the Central Heating System A Powerflushing pump is attached to the system. This pumps the cleanser throughout the entire central heating pipe work, including the radiators under pressure. This results in a central heating system that is free of debris including Iron oxide sludge & Limescale. We can complete a Powerflush of your central heating system in a single visit.


Shower Tray
  • Leak Repair
  • Replacement
  • Reseal
  • Unblock
  • Electric
  • Isolation
  • Fresh Fit
  • Repair
Waste Disposal
  • Water Pipe Repair
  • Soil Stack
  • External
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Unblock
  • High Level Repair
  • Internal Repair
  • Stop Cock Isolation
  • Relocation

  • Instant Hot Water Tap
  • Pillar/Conventional/External/Mixer Taps
  • Isolate/Disconnect
  • Replace existing
Installation Services
  • Bathroom Installation
  • Install Basin
  • Install Bath
  • Install Bidet
  • Install Disabled Facilities
  • Install Shower
  • Install Sink
  • Install Toilet
  • Install Urinal
  • Install Wet Room
  • Install Appliances
Repair & Replacement
  • Copper Repair
  • Copper Replacement
  • Fresh Fit
  • Iron Repair
  • Iron Replacement
  • Lead Replacement
  • Plastic Replacement
  • Steel Repair
  • Steel Replacement
  • Power Flush
  • Commercial
  • Domestic
  • Equipment Owned
  • Radiators

Professional, Qualified, Reliable & Experienced

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